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Chilenooks (Nooks of Chile)

We are a group of mountain climbers of long experience and wide knowledge of the Los Andes Mountain, we have discovered wonderful hidden treasures of nature, wonderful landscapes, travelled across picks and valleys all along Chile, climbed the big mountains, crossed big rivers, tasted the rocks and bitten the dust, without any doubt we have grown as people having so many great experiences which have made of us better and happier people. our commitment with the tourist is taking them to know this places, respecting local communities, teaching their culture, art, history and humanity, respecting the environment so as to leave no trace after our visit, to admire the beauty of the flora and fauna so abundant and exclusive of our country and the beautiful landscape of the impressive mountain.

Chile has a long geography, from Arica to the Antarctic, with a big amount of landscapes, towns and people, full of touristic attractions to offer and enjoy, it possesses all kinds of climates, from the Atacama desert, the driest in the world to the rainiest places on the earth in the Patagonia, all conquered by Los Andes Mountain, postcards taken by our cameras that capture the memories of the lived experiences.

In Chilenooks we are prepared and responsible, we offer an excellent service where we care about the total customer satisfaction.

“We want people to be conscious of the treasures of our land and contribute in this way to the growing of the spirit and knowledge of our planet.”.


Chilenooks (Nooks of Chile) is an enterprise dedicated to the adventure tourism, photography trekking, walking, hiking, crossings and expeditions and mountaineering throughout the country, using the natural national parks, natural monuments, natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, such as cross-country camping and accommodation in hostels and hotels run by local communities.Concern about the environment care, leaving no residue or trace that may threaten the natural ecosystem.

We specialized in the management of great groups of people, we have our own transport and the necessary means to cover with security and comfort the routes to our destinations, as well as small groups with personalized service.

Our services are directed to all people who love nature, that have an adventurous spirit and want to be in contact with the earth, air, sun, water, the rich flora and fauna and with the local communities of our long country.




Our goal is to be the best tourism company in our country and along the Los Andes Mountain, being recognized for our human warmth, care of environment and respect for the local communities, providing the access to places of great beauty, travelling around places of historical, archeological and cultural interest.

We want people to enjoy nature and live unique experiences in direct contact with it, to enlarge their knowledge contributing to improve their life quality and to have a happy life.

This post is also available in: esSpanish